Register  |  Login  |  Search  |  d'Modules offers custom and commercial module for the DotNeuNuke framework, a comprehensive range of graphic & software design, and development services. Our range of DotNetNuke modules include, an animated rotating RSS reader that aggregates and caches feeds, an animated image gallery slideshow DNN module, a social bookmarking DotNetNuke module, and a Google Analytics script injector.   
  • Fully customisable content using our templated token tags
  • Add your own CSS styling
  • Choose from 16 different animation transitions
  • Full control over the rotating speed
  • Choose your own sort order
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Animate your images with d’PhotoShow. A lightweight, feature-rich slideshow incorporating 27 different slide transitions. Ideal for image transitions, ad-banners and photo galleries.

  • Includes 27 different slide transitions, all transitions are supported by major browsers.
  • Set the viewing order for each image.
  • Option to add title and description for each image, which is an important factor in helping increase page ranking.
  • Set a random image order.
  • Set the slideshow to pause on mouse-over event.
  • Set the transition speed.
  • Set the interval between slides.
  • Support IPortable, allowing import and export of slide details.
  • Easily add, remove and upload new images.
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  • Excludes network traffic using a regular expressions.
  • Excludes super user and edit mode traffic.
  • Apply customised market segmentation using our flexible token tags.
  • Includes a comprehensive list of script parameters.
  • Embed 'Google Analytics' into your skin using our skin object.
  • Employs the latest 'Google Analytics' Java script.
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  • The world's #1 FREE bookmarking and link sharing service.
  • Eliminates the need to include a multiple bookmarking services.
  • Increases your link popularity.
  • Provides valuable statistics.
  • Makes sharing your content easier.
  • Embeds into your skin using our skin object.
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