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Fully Customizable Rotating RSS Reader.


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The d'RSS Rotator is an extermely flexible, feature rich rotating RSS reader. This module is capable of aggregating and caching multiple RSS feeds. This module includes 16 different animation effects, adjustable layout, comprehensive styling, and flexible navigation. Build your own templates, add your own styling, and from a complete list of RSS article field tags, design and place the fields wherever you choose.

The d‘RSS Rotator is a must for any webmaster concerned about enhancing the presentation and appearance of their website; it will deliver the maximum amount of content, while consuming the least amount of real estate. The d’RSS Rotator will enable webmasters to improve their web page content by aggregating and caching multiple RSS feeds, whether the content is from the same or external web site. Ideal for publishing the top 10 articles relating to your company or products news on the web site homepage, alternatively you may publish news from other sites on your homepage (i.e. breaking news stories from CNN).


  • Aggregates Multiple Feeds Together
    • V2.0 - Supports aggregation of multiple feeds
    • V2.0 - Set individually feed by content
    • V2.1 - Correctly reads localised dates using custom formats.
    • V2.2 - Optionally limit the size of the article description (basic text only).
    • V2.2 - Optionally strip HTML tags from both the article title and description.
    • V2.2 - Filter articles by words included or excluded in the title and description..
  • Cache Feeds and Improve Performance & Network Outages
    • V2.0 - Supports caching of news feeds, reduces bandwidth, ensures feeds even during network outages
    • V2.0 - Caches each feed separately, maximizing response
    • V2.0 - Incorporates a scheduler to cache feeds as a background task
    • V2.0 - Each feeds can retire items once validity period has ended
    • V2.1 - Clear feed cache when feed url changes.
  • Configurable Templates
    • Fully customisable content using our templated token tags
    • V2.1 - Templated container elements.
    • V2.1 - Added full set of article token tags.
    • V2.1 - Support for standard DotNetNuke token tags.
    • V2.2 - Template editor now supports rich text editing..
  • Fully Customisable Appearance (Incl. Paging, Navigation, Sorting & 16 Animations Effects)
    • Choose from 16 different animation transitions
    • Full control over the rotating speed
    • Choose your own sort order
    • Display any number of items
    • Switch between vertical and horizontal orientations
    • Choose the number of visible rows
    • V2.0 - Set aggregated feed sort order
    • V2.1 - Display localised dates using custom formats.
    • V2.2 - New Fade In / Out transition during scrolling.
  • Comprehensive Styling
    • Add your own CSS styling
    • V2.1 - Support Alternating item styling.
    • V2.1 - Inline css styling of HTML elements.
  • Flexible Navigation
    • Allow the mouse wheel to scroll items
    • V2.1 - Pause scrolling on mouse over.
    • V2.1 - Support for NEXT & PREVIOUS navigation buttons.
  • Article link Navigation
    • Open original article in new browser window.
    • V2.2 - Optionally open the feed item link in a popup iFrame.
  • General Features
    • V2.2 - Support for DotNetNuke 5.0.
    • V2.1 - Improved the format of the generated javascript.
    • V2.0 - Supports IPortability
    • V2.0 - Supports ISearchable
    • V2.0 - Source code available
    • Source code in C#
    • Tested on DNN 4.5.5 and DNN 5.0

Browser Compatibility

Tested on Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3, Opera and Safari.

Product Information

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