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Feature Rich Animated Slideshow

Showcase your photos using our feature-rich, lightweight slideshow incorporating 27 different animated slide transitions. d’PhotoShow is ideal for image transitions, ad-banners and photo galleries and is ther perfect alternative to using resource hungry Flash modules to rotate an images gallery.

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  • Fully Customisable Appearance including 27 Animation Effects
    • Includes 27 different slide transitions, supported by major browsers.
    • Title and description for each image, which is an important factor in helping increase your page ranking.
    • Set the rotation speed.
    • Set the interval between slides.
    • Easily add, remove and upload new images.
    • V2.0 - Optionally force slides to fit container.
    • V2.0 - Optionally set the in/out transitions should occur simultaneously.
    • V2.0 - Optionally center the slides within the container.
    • V2.0 - Optionally show or hide the image border.
    • V2.0 - Optionally run the slideshow when in edit mode.
  • Image Ordering
    • Set the viewing order for each image.
    • Set a random image order.
  • Comprehensive Template Styling
    • V2.0 - Fully customisable content using our templated token tags
    • V2.0 - Template HTML markup & CSS styling.
  • Flexible Navigation
    • Pause slideshow on mouse-over event.
    • V2.0 - Optionally prevent slideshow from wrapping.
    • V2.0 - Optionally add a pager control.
    • V2.0 - Optionally open link in new or same window.
    • V2.0 - Optionally add navigation buttons.
  • Supports IPortability
  • Supports ISearchable
  • Source code available
  • Source code in C#.
  • Tested with DNN 4.5.5

Supported Transitions

  1. blindX
  2. blindY
  3. blindZ
  4. cover
  5. curtainX
  6. curtainY
  7. fade
  8. fadeZoom
  9. growX
  10. growY
  11. scrollUp
  12. scrollDown
  13. scrollLeft
  14. scrollRight
  15. scrollHorz
  16. scrollVert
  17. shuffle
  18. slideX
  19. slideY
  20. toss
  21. turnUp
  22. turnDown
  23. turnLeft
  24. turnRight
  25. uncover
  26. wipe
  27. zoom

Minimum Requirements

  1. DotNetNuke 4.5.5 or greater
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or greater

Browser Compatibility

Tested on Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3, Opera and Safari.

Product Information

Product Demonstration

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