Register  |  Login  |  Search  |  d'Modules offers custom and commercial module for the DotNeuNuke framework, a comprehensive range of graphic & software design, and development services. Our range of DotNetNuke modules include, an animated rotating RSS reader that aggregates and caches feeds, an animated image gallery slideshow DNN module, a social bookmarking DotNetNuke module, and a Google Analytics script injector.   
Malware Statement

Neither d'Modules nor its ISP uses any form of malware, nor do we condone the use of any type of malware, including adware or spyware and its variants. We respect the privacy of our customers and their internet surfing.

d'Modules STRONGLY OPPPOSES all forms of malware. d'Modules applications will never intentionally jeopardize your privacy or security. All applications are designed to be easily removeable from the computer through an uninstall utility. d'Modules does not employ the use of reinstallers and avoids all features that may be found in any type of malware. No d'Modules application is designed to collect any personally identifiable information from any user. d'Modules applications do not contain, nor are they bundled with, any third party applications (spyware, adware, malware, etc.) that would jeopardize your security or your privacy.

We make money through the sale of application and services, not by loading down your computer with bundled garbage. d'Modules 's official policy towards such malware is that we would rather go broke than secretly install anything that would endanger a user's privacy or security.

With this said, d'Modules may, in the future, incorporate advertisements into an application. If this is done, however, you as the end user will always be made fully aware of any marketing features an application may possess. Advertisements would ONLY appear inside the application and no third party advertisement applications would be installed to facilitate the serving of the ads. If the application needs to make a connection back to our website (to update the ads, send statistical information, etc.) it will make you aware and also alert you of the exact non-personally identifiable data that it is sending and to the domain that it is sending the data. d'Modules will never use personally identifiable information for any advertisement purposes but may use general statistical information to serve targeted advertisements. No data will ever be sent anywhere without the user's approval.

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